Gummy Bear flavored Nootropic and Immunity Drink Mix Stick Packs - 15 Servings
Gummy Bear flavored Nootropic and Immunity Drink Mix Stick Packs - 15 Servings
Gummy Bear flavored Nootropic and Immunity Drink Mix Stick Packs - 15 Servings
Gummy Bear flavored Nootropic and Immunity Drink Mix Stick Packs - 15 Servings

Gummy Bear flavored Nootropic and Immunity Drink Mix Stick Packs - 15 Servings

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Mushroom-packed brain and immune system drink mix.  This formula was developed to keep you at your best mentally, boost your immunity, and it tastes like a blueberry lemonade.   

It contains almost 3,000 mg of active ingredients.  Including Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms. Nutritional Support for:

  • Mental Drive/Creativity 
  • Supports Immune Health 
  • Increased Memory
  • Clarity and Energy
  • Increased Cognitive Skills

DUE TO GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN SHORTAGES and other global calamaties shipping is taking just a bit longer these days.  Please be patient with us and the good folks at USPS and FEDEX.  There is a national shortage of drivers so things are taking a little bit longer.  Should not take longer than 5-8 days to arrive.  :) 

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years and a biohacking secret in Silicon Valley.  This shaggy dog looking mushroom is your brain's best friend.  It is packed with antioxidants and strengthens the immune system like most medicinal mushrooms.  Lion's Mane is rare in the fact that it fosters the production of bioprotein or nerve growth factor.  Simply put, this little fungus is a superfood for your brain and body.    

Chaga Mushroom

Load up on your antioxidants with this free-radical fighting fungus.  These babies are an antioxidant powerhouse helping kick free radicals and inflammation to the curb.  By promoting the formation of beneficial cytokines - specialized proteins that regulate the immune system - Chaga stimulates white blood cells, which are essential for fighting off harmful bacteria or viruses.  They are also amazing for mood enhancement.     


A favorite life hack of entrepreneurs and adventurists.  MCT oil is derived from coconuts and is easily absorbed in the body.  This wonderful stuff supercharges brain function, helps curb hunger and can aid in creating a healthier gut.  You know what they say, "healthy gut, healthy life."  The healthier your gut the better it is at blocking unhealthy toxins and bacteria from entering the bloodstream.


What is it? An amino acid that is produced in that wonderful brain of yours.  It is a neurotransmitter.  Gaba's main job is to reduce the activity of neurons in the brain and central nervous system, which in turn has a broad range of effects on the body and mind, including INCREASED RELAXATION, REDUCED STRESS, and a more calm and balanced mood.


This old school classic hails from the far east and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. So what's all the hubbub about?  This small bight mighty plant warrior is PACKED with antioxidants and has been shown to support cell repair.  It is anti-inflammatory which helps keep your cells strong to fight off sickness and it is also commonly used to boost brain function.   

Additional Ingredients

Agmatine Sulfate:  Helps produce blood flow to the brain accelerating delivery of the other ingredients. 

Huperzine A: Club moss is commonly used to support and enhance brain function. 

Alpha GPC: Supports Cognitive function.

Phosphatidylserine: Its vital for the proper functioning of nerve cells within the brain, helping to transmit messages between them. 

Electrolytes: These beauties are vital for staying hydrated and being at your best.

Caffeine and Siberian Ginseng  - 100mg of caffeine per serving

What people are saying

Kbev Rocks!

Love the flavor! Been drinking for a month and my memory has definitely improved. I’m remembering codes and clients names that I usually have a hard time remembering. Best of all I don’t have to force or remember to take it like my other supplements cuz its just like me drinking my coconut water or vitamin water. I’ve tried all the other flavors and blood orange and pear guava is my favorite!

Gmsgrl · Reviewed on walmart.com


Great healthy alternative to energy drinks and tastes great! I cannot wait for their line of Fit Soda. Still in desperate need for a healthy alternative for pop!

Brandon · Reviewed on gnc.com

Pear Guava

Thank you Koios…I’ve been looking for a way to kick my Red Bull habit…now I’ve found it. No more caffeine jitterers , sugar crash or guilt for what I’ve been doing to my body anymore. The mental sharpness and healthy feeling all around surprised me as I thought my diet was fairly healthy …Red Bull not withstanding… Love the Pear Guava

Brad · Reviewed on gnc.com

Great for exams.

Better than expected, ordered two flavors online, Both were good. Used during exams and focused well without the sugar which I am conscious to keep out of diet.

GeorgeH · Reviewed on walmart.com

Amazing Product!

Amazing product! Lion’s mane, MCT oil, tyrosine and Alpha gpc. Google the health benefits of those ingredients and you will see that with only 20 cal per can this is a Keto friendly, fat burning tool to utilize in your weight loss Journey. In total i have lost 80lbs be cutting out sugar and switching to keto diet, sleep and exercise daily.

Steven · Reviewed on walmart.com

Other great flavors available

Both flavors available on Walmart taste awesome. Other flavors available that taste great are my personal favorite Apricot Vanilla, and Berry Genius. This is a great functional beverage that has replaced my morning coffee. I keep three flavors available in the fridge and rotate daily. I find myself craving a can mid-afternoon which really powers me through the rest of the day.

Bub · Reviewed on walmart.com

Good Energy drink substitute with good taste

I’ve had an energy drink dependency for many years now, and I would drink 2-3 monsters a day. My friend suggested this and I was skeptical, but I have been drinking it for 2 weeks and have not touched a monster since. It is more expensive(Which made me not want to buy it at first), but I feel more awake or focused for the whole day since I do not crash like i would after I drank a monster, and the ingrediants seem to be healthier(or even beneficial to make me focus more). I also like the taste(or I would stop buying it)

GregSanders · Reviewed on walmart.com

Fantastic clean energy boost for the brain!

I took a leap on trying this and I am glad I did! The product does exactly as advertised. It has a clean delicious taste and I could feel the effect within minutes! I was more focused and my concentration was improved and best of all… no crash after! Highly recommend!

Jason · Reviewed on gnc.com

Koios All Natural Energy Drink

I’ve tried peach mango which I love and pear Guava, which is also good. It definitely gives you energy but a clean and smooth energy. The taste is good and Ilook forward to that refreshing energy boost in the morning as soon as I wake up. I also like the fact it’s only 20 calories, plus MCT oil helps with clean energy and for helping me get my healthy fats for my keto weight loss diet. I will be trying more Flavours soon.

Derek · Reviewed on gnc.com

Great nootropic stack!

I used to make my own nootropic stack, but then I found Koios. The stack that I found works the best for me was similar to that in Koios and tastes much better. Highly recommended for productivity!

Dev · Reviewed on walmart.com

The future of functionality

Our blend of ingredients is acquired only from the best sources to deliver you a product that is safe, beneficial, and highly nutritional.

You only get one brain, so care for the one you have

The ingredients in KOIOS benefit both the brain and body. With each sip of KOIOS, your brain and body are provided with the essential nutrients it needs to strive and perform.

Improve attention and mental capacity

The ingredients in KOIOS work harmoniously together to support enhanced brain function by increasing attention, mental capacity, memory, and cognition.

A healthy dose of vitamins and herbs

Over 2,000mg of active ingredients specifically formulated to help drive your brain and body to the next level of performance.

Koios has an incredible effect on our brain function, as proven by clinical brain scans

Before Koios

We have clinically tested KOIOS beverages using state of the art neurofeedback brain imaging. qEEG, or brain mapping, uses sensors to measure the electrical activity within our client’s brain. This allows us to see a baseline assessment unique to each client. With this information, we can usually see the root of any symptom or challenge they may be facing in their day-to-day life.


After Koios

When comparing the general summary information figures 1 and 2, there are three main components that are noted. The first being a decrease in slow activity (delta and theta). For many, a decrease in slow activity can lead to quicker thought processes, better energy, sharper focus and an overall sense of mental clarity. The second finding is the increase in alpha. An increase in alpha will be important for many people as it is the brainwave responsible for homeostasis (an idling rhythm, or state of “normal”). In faster states of alpha, it is also associated with a peak alpha frequency (this will be discussed later) which can be linked with overall intelligence. The third finding is the increase in fast activity (beta and high beta). This brainwave is needed to feel alert, focused, and motivated. Seeing an increase in this brainwave could have many implications relating to the overall drive and energy of a person that might lack beta and is a very positive finding.